Frequently asked questions

Television framing and picture framing are NOT the same.
Framing televisions is far different from standard framing techniques. Since a television is much thicker than a piece of canvas, there is much more depth to our frames. Our frames are designed with specific attributes to accommodate these differences and to make the television appear closer to the wall. Frame depths typically range from 2 1/2" to 5

Do you ship your frames outside the area which you serve (Montreal, Laval, North Shore)?
Yes, just sent us your television model number and I’ll send by email how to proceed for the payment via paypal. Then, you choose your type of wood, as well as the color and I send a sample by mail to make sure that the color satisfies you. When the frame is finished, I ship the frame directly to your door. This process usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks.

How does the frame attach to my television?
Installation is a very simple process requiring no tools or programming of your remote control. Once your television is mounted on the wall using any tilt, flush, or articulating arm bracket, you simply slip the frame over the television and tighten the two mounting straps over the rear of the television to securely anchor the frame in place. Installation is included when you buy a TVframe (Montreal and North shore area only), but if you have to take the frame off the tv and put it back, know that it is very simple to do this task.

If my television has an articulated or incline mount. Can I still get a TV frame?
Yes, there is no back to the frame, it is attached to the TV with two nylons heavy duty straps rather than the wall or the mount. The frame will just move out along with the TV. If you incline your television, the tension in the nylon straps will keep the frame solidly attached to the TV

Can you frame smaller televisions?
We can frame any size flat panel TV from 15" to 70".

Does the remote control works when the frame hides the infrared sensor of the Tv?
No. installs an optional infrared relay from channel vision (or other brand) to take full advantage of the beauty of the wood frame without sacrificing the performance of the remote control.

What differentiates of the other vendors on the Internet?
Price: approx 40 % less expensive than other web sites
Quality of the product: choice of the wood, state of the art assembly and the professional finish. All made in Canada
Customer service: Our first priority is our frame our second is our client.
Variety of available type of wood offered:
- common local hard wood (birch, oak, maple)
- distinctive wood type (walnut, cherry tree, mahogany)
- exotic Wood type (jatoba, sucupira, merbau)